Bio for the Essential Somatics ‘Find a Practitioner’ page

Emma Bashford is a Certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher and owner of Sunshine Somatics on BC’s Sunshine Coast. She discovered Somatics via a journey with persisting, and often debilitating neck pain stemming from a history of extreme-sports injuries and emotional stress.

Other therapies and bodywork disciplines had helped to some degree, but discovering Somatics was truly liberating — the most effective method by far for pain relief and freedom of both body and mind — the whole soma. Emma particularly loves the self-efficacy involved in learning Somatics; we are truly adaptable beings capable of learning how to self-sense, self-regulate and regain mastery of movement and our lives.

Emma brings over 20 years’ experience in movement and education to her practice. Curious by nature, she is fascinated by neuroscience, pain science and our wonderful, adaptable brain/central nervous system, which has also led her to teach Breathworks Mindfulness and Compassion courses. She believes that both modalities are inherently transformational.

Emma offers group classes, private sessions and workshops in Powell River, BC and online.

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Hi, I'm Emma. Welcome to my blog and thank you for being here. I'm in the midst of (mindfully!) wrestling with Wordpress to get my blog up and running. More to come shortly!