Testimonials from Somatic Movement class participants

For me the benefits of Somatics have been way beyond what I thought possible. Much of that is due to Emma’s training and skill as an instructor.  She is very precise and clear, her voice soothing and light, her examples personal and shared with humour.

Ann Trousdell, Powell River, BC

I have been impressed at how the Somatics classes have improved my posture and my ease of movement. This type of body education was new to me and I’m glad I found out about it. Emma’s sunny nature and gentle wit enhance her teaching of Somatics.

Kristin Walker, Powell River, BC

I have been taking Emma’s Somatic Movement classes since she began offering them three years ago.  I became interested in Somatic Movement when I turned 60 years of age, as I wanted to be proactive in managing muscular and joint body pain that I was beginning to experience, and I did not want my body pain to become a chronic physical condition.  In Emma’s classes, I learned how our bodies, our minds, and our muscles can be “trained” to eliminate or reduce pain, and improve our overall health and well-being.  Through Emma’s expert education about how our Sensory Motor Nervous System works, along with the Somatic Movement techniques she teaches, I quickly noticed remarkable improvements in my muscles and joints, and a significant reduction in my muscular and joint pains.   I have also noticed a vast improvement in my co-ordination, flexibility, balance, and increased range of motion.  Another advantage of Somatic Movement, is the regulation of the Central Nervous System, which includes, our increased ability to regulate low moods and intense emotions, as well as, the ability to achieve a state of calm and deep relaxation.  I highly recommend Emma’s Somatic Movement classes for all ages, as these movement techniques are a natural and healthy way to prevent, reduce, and/or reverse chronic body pain, as well, you will develop more control over your own body and mind, while improving your overall health and well-being.

All The Best In Your Journey to Good Health!!!

Chris Drummond, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Powell River, BC


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