But I don’t get what it is…!

The sun sliding down behind Vancouver Island, October 2021. Autumn is a beautiful time to lie down and go within.

Somatics is an experiential movement practice. Honestly, it’s hard to describe how it feels unless you actually do it.

It’s not exercise, we don’t stretch or strengthen (nor do we have any desire to), it’s not yoga, it’s not meditation… it’s its own beautiful entity. Even after 15 minutes or so of gentle, lazy, slow, focused movement, we can start to feel really different in our bodies. Softer, more spacious — like there’s more room. With eyes closed, awareness focused quietly within, we learn to sense ourselves. To feel ourselves. To befriend ourselves again. To quote Thomas Hanna, “Be your own experiment!” What does it feel like, to be you?

In our modern, Western world, the emphasis is on the conceptual, thinking mind. In school we are encouraged to try our best and achieve in order to succeed. The focus is primarily on academics, using our thinking, problem solving mind. We focus on getting somewhere; from A to B. We learn to strive and compare from an early age.

The reverse is true in Somatic Movement practice. We drop the thinking mind, and tune into our innate capacity to sense. We learn to meet our experience, whatever it is, with curiosity, acceptance and kindness. We gently invite change. Paradoxically, the only way we can get to B is by staying at A, embodied in present moment sensory experience, exploring our soma with endless wonder and a lightness of being.

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