What I offer

Hanna Somatic Education (Somatic Movement classes in the tradition of Thomas Hanna Ph.D)

Where: I run Somatic Movement classes out of the charming and historic Cranberry Hall, Powell River, B.C.

Due to the progressive nature of Somatic Movement, I do not offer drop-ins. I run my classes in a series format (details below) in Autumn, Winter, Spring (and Summer if there is enough interest).

Cost: A 10 class series costs $120 ($12 per class). A maximum of TWO classes can be subtracted from the cost of registration if you have pre-made plans for appointments, surgery and other necessities. No refunds given for classes missed except in unusual circumstances.

Series Option One: For those new to Somatics, I run an ‘Intro to Somatics’ series in which we explore the fundamental concepts, principles and movements that are the building blocks of an effective Somatic Movement routine. These life-long skills for self-care will teach you how to regain and improve muscular control and awareness, create a more comfortable relationship with your body and relieve tension, stress and pain.

Series Option Two: ‘Regular Movers’

In this series, we explore the basic movement patterns (and more) each week, but in different sequences and with varying differentiations (our brains learn by noticing differences — we don’t ever want our practice to become habitual as then our brains aren’t learning anything new!)

The emphasis is on exploration, play, curiosity and kindness. As somas we exist in time, there’s always something new to sense and become aware of!

*To take part in this series you must have attended my ‘Intro to Somatics’ series OR had private sessions with me.

Private Sessions

Cost: One-time introductory session and somatic assessment (90 minutes) $55

Ongoing subsequent sessions: $40 per hour

Please note: Your somatic journey is an integral part of your well being and I offer a sliding scale for those genuinely in need. Please email or call 🙂

FREE 20 minute consultation (phone or Zoom/Facetime) if you are curious about practicing Somatics but unsure what it’s all about! Email sunshinesomatics@gmail.com to book.


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